interior progress – 10/28/2021

A few new updates. Some major developments to report: the Aerometal crew is within a few days of completing its Chino based tasks on the Constellation interior project. Our crew has started to disassemble and remove the new floors and bulkheads to allow the “fighters” team to compete the installation and rigging of all controls. We have also spent he last few days taking datum measurements of the new interior bulkheads as the next phase is the manufacture of the 4 major pocket door assemblies that will be used in the cabin. Our teams will be moving all our equipment and tooling back up to Oregon at the end of next week once we have completed the removal and preservation of the new structural elements.

Meanwhile – in Aurora, the interiors team has completed the first production seat. The build up of this seat has been accomplished to allow full visualization with the chosen materials, styles and textures. We hope to be able to meet / review with you guys this build up in the not too distant future.

iNTERIOR pROGRESS – 9/23/2021

Interior Progress – 8/5/2021

Interior Progress – 5/28/2021

Interior Progress – 5/1/2021

Interior Progress 3/23/2021

Interior Progress – 3/2/2021

Interior Progress – 2/16/2021

Ideation boards – 1/28/2021

Ideation boards are complete. They are ready to ship.

Crew Seats – 1/28/2021

Completed crew seats. Now departing Oregon on their way to Chino.

Interior Progress – 1/25/2021

Interior Progress – 1/20/2021

Just checking in with more updates: – “visual” progress has been lacking over the last week as the crew has been checking, cleaning and replacing 100’s of original floor system fasteners in the existing structure. thankfully this project is now wrapped up. This last few days we have been able to move ahead with the cutting and shaping of the next batch of cabin floor panel – this time in the main cabin area.

Interior Progress – 1/7/2021

This new floor board material is an aluminum composite honeycomb material.
It is 1 inch think (as you can see.)
This material is the foundation of our engineered floor system and the seat rails will be mounted directly to the honeycomb using steel inserts similar to the one shown in the images.
The steel Inserts are installed by us in several dozen locations during the fabrication process.
This material is actually very similar to the existing floor – just a more modern version of it (with obtainable engineering “allowable” data!)

Interior Progress – 1/6/2021

I hope this finds you all doing well in this New Year!
Our crew started down at the Connie again on Monday.
I have the following updates for the end of day 3 (second crew rotation.)

Interior PROGRESS – 12/19/2020

Updates for the end of day 13 (and end of the first work period.)

  • The floors in the forward fuselage are complete with all fasteners installed.
  • The prototype seats are now at the Connie and can be seen in a couple of these pictures.
  • Also notice the an aluminum “drill jig” that has been made (CNC milled) to allow the easy location of fasteners for the actual seat tracks associated with each seat.
  • This will be the next phase of the project – drilling and locating seat tracks.
  • Our new floor boards have been removed and packaged for storage and a new wooden floor has been installed in their place.
  • The crew has now left the Connie and are on their way home to Oregon today.
  • The crew will return on the morning of January 4th to start the next 2 week work period.
  • We will remain in touch as the new year arrives. More updates to follow.
  • Have a good Christmas Everybody.

Interior Progress – 12/15/2020

Updates for the end of day 9:

  • All floor boards are cut and trimmed / fitted in the forward fuselage (forward of the conference group.)
  • Floor boards are now subject to installation of many retaining fasteners. These fastener locations are bonded into the boards in multiple locations.
  • All materials for the sub floor structural modifications required to mount the air stair have arrived in Chino. One of the Aerometal crew members will start the fabrication of air stair mounting structure tomorrow AM.
  • We are ahead of schedule at this point in the work period.
  • I’ll remain In touch with further updates.

Work to replace original nut plates in select locations (note new wooden “sacrificial” utility floor boards in background. These wooded boards are made and laid down upon completion of new composite floor boards. This utility floor is laid down in place of the composite floor, which is packaged, protected and moved to secure storage

Interior Progress – 12/11/2021

End of day 5:

  • The majority of the new aluminum honeycomb floor boards are now cut.
  • These floor boards are cut to size only at this stage (lots of “visual” progress.)
  • The next few days will be spent installing the fastener location inserts (of which there are several 100!)
  • I am headed home but leave a crew of three guys working until the end of next week.
  • I will remain in touch and will continue to supply updates.

Interior Progress – 12/9/2020

End of day three updates:

  • All fasteners are installed in the fwd fuselage substructure.
  • All patterns have been made for the forward fuselage floor panels
  • First floor board is cut and trimmed for the forward fuselage
  • Work area is fully established inside the fuselage – all packages from Oregon have been received.
    Tomorrow should see two more floor boards cut and trimmed.
Cutting Floor Boards

Interior Progress – 12/7/2020

End of day one in Chino.

A good first day:

  • Got the crew down here after an early start in Oregon.
  • Got the work area set up and original floors back down.
  • Receive and inspected the Air Stair.
  • Made a couple of trips out to acquire supplies and equipment.
  • Our shipments of hardware and tools from Oregon is running late (should have been delivered this AM but has been promised for tomorrow.)
  • I’ll continue to keep you up to date as work progresses this week.

NOVEMBER 25, 2020

Forward Seat Installation Engineering Approval Package
First Batch of Seats Going Through Overhaul
First Batch of Seats Going Through Overhaul

NOVEMBER 4, 2020

Complete Prototype Seats
Complete Prototype Seats

October 5, 2020

Forward Cabin Seat Tack and Floor Board Engineering

Final Placement of Seats, Floor Board Seams, Seat Track, Floor Board and Seat Track Fasteners.
Locations of Floor Board Division and Floor Board and Seat Track Fasteners

Seat Mock-up

Seat Design

Seat Design Proposal Rev. 5

January 26, 2020

Seat Design Rev 1

Rev 1 Seat with Mock-up Drink-Rail, Valance, Sidewall and Headliner
Rev 1 Seat with Mock-up Drink-Rail, Valance, Sidewall and Headliner
Rev 1 Seat with Mock-up Drink-Rail, Valance, Sidewall and Headliner
Seat Rev 1 Proposal

October 10, 2019


CAD model of passenger cabin is complete except for the wing box area. We have created this from the data we collected on the last two trips to Chino. We will use this CAD model as the foundation for the final design, engineering and installation of the interior.

Inside looking fwdInside looking aft

September 10, 2019


Collection Final measurements to complete cabin CAD model.

July 18, 2019

Specifying various seats for different locations in the cabin.

V7 Plan View High Res_Artboard 1



  • 7/18: Identified seats for the passenger cabin.
  • 7/17: Measured forward subfloor structure for seat mount planning. Measured structure around and under the main cabin door for airstair planning.
  • 7/11/19: Presented revised layout rendering V7.0
  • 6/19/19: Meeting Chino; Presented foam mockup of the interior.
  • 5/8/19: Meeting Seattle; Discussed the budget and “burn rate.”
  • 3/21/19: Initial CAD renderings delivered
  • 12/: Meeting Portland; Determined flight deck color scheme, agreed to draw aircraft cabin in CAD
  • 9/3/18: Met with all stakeholders at Chino, presented layout V3.1. Added exterior paint to work-scope.
  • 8/17/18: Submitted revised cabin layout proposal (V3.0).
  • 8/14/18: Working with aircraft shower specialists to develop show installation and pricing.
  • 8/7/18: Identifying a seat supplier to accurately determine cabin clearances.
  • 8/2/18: Meeting with Rod Lewis: Discussed cabin layout. Decided to develop proposal A with the addition of:
    • A few additional seats if possible without crowding the space. Ideally 25-26 passenger seats.
    • Galley to include: ice drawers, refrigerator, oven, and microwave.
    • The interior is to be modern but reminiscent of Art Deco styling with a slightly military look in some area, without going overboard.
    • Discussed the option of having the conference room MacArther or Bataan themed.
    • Discussed the possibility of having a small museum or cabinet of curiosities in the foyer area depicting the aircraft history.
    • As many seats as possible are to be berthable.
  • 6/12/18: Waiting on customer meeting in order to provide a cost estimate.
  • 6/11/18: Submitted revised cabin layout proposal.
  • 6/1/18: Submitted initial cabin layout proposals.
  • 5/21/18: Visited aircraft in Chino, surveyed cabin.

Connie 3.1-01INT PROPOSAL V3.0_Artboard 1INT PROPOSAL V2.0_Artboard 1INT PROPOSAL V1.0

6.28.18 (1 of 1)
5/21/18 – Aircraft Cabin as Surveyed