1946 DC-3D

QEC Assembly – 10/13/2020

Aileron Fabric and Cap Strip Installation – 3/25/2020

Flight Control Structural Repairs – 10/16/19

Aligning aileron on control surface jig.

Flight Controls are Wrapped and Stored – 9/25/19

Flight Control Structural Repair – 9/12/19

Preparing flight control alignment jig for ailerons.

QEC Wiring – 9/12/19

Flight Control Recovering – 9/12/19

Installing cap strips and finishing tapes.

Flight Control Recovering – 8/28/19

Stitching envelope to control surface ribs and applying Poly-brush.

Flight Control Repairs – 8/28/19

Fabricating and fitting cap strips.

Flight Control Repairs – 8/20/19

Continued repair work on the ailerons.

Flight Control Coverings – 8/20/19

Fabric gussets and supports have been applied and the recovering fabric is taking shape over the elevators.

Flight Control Repairs – 8/14/19

Completing structural repairs on the Ailerons and Rudder.

Flight Control Coverings – 8/14/19

Creating fabric gussets in preparation for the application of the envelope.

QEC & Engine Mount Paint

Painting of the right hand engine mount. Accessories ready for installation on the engine once it returns to Aerometal. 8/5/19

Flight Control Repairs

Completing structural repairs in preparation for fabric covering. 8/5/19

QEC Assembly 7/30/19

QEC Carb Scoop Prep For Paint 7/30/19

L/H propeller installed to match R/H 4/18/19
Interior Re-installation in Work 4/18/19
R/H Propeller Installed (seams to fix several of the issues) 4/12/19
Inspecting Under Floor Area 4/12/19
Inspecting Under Floor Area 4/12/19
Inspecting Drink Rail Area 4/12/19
Inspecting Under Floor Area 4/12/19
Inspecting Under Floor Area 4/12/19