1946 DC-3D

Aircraft Reassembly, Battery conversion installation, pre-flight clear-to-close.

Re-sealed fuel tanks have been reinstalled and cleared for close. Wings are back on the ship, repaired ailerons have been reinstalled, rigged and undergoing safeties. Polish on the last few areas continues. The battery upgrade has received a new mounting installation that has been designed in house and CNC cut for a precise and clean install. Final engine components are being installed before pre-flight engine runs. Interior discrepancies have been addressed and are awaiting reinstallation after a final clear-to-close has been completed.

Aileron repair, Fuel tank leak repair, wing pull inspection and reassembly of aircraft. – March, 2023

The ailerons have bee thoroughly inspected and the fabric repairs have been completed awaiting topcoat. All four fuel tanks have been removed, inspected, cleaned and are undergoing a re-seal. Fuel tank cradles have been stripped of their old padding and repainted and new pads installed. Both engines have had all discrepancies addressed and are awaiting post maintenance engine runs. Landing gear is back together and preparations have been made for final gear swings. Wing inspection is nearly complete, wings should be well on their way to reinstallation in the coming days.

engine discrepancies, wing attach shimming, avionics discrepancies and polish. February, 2023.

Technical team has been cruising along addressing all the minor engine discrepancies and various other maintenance items. Structures continues on the wing attach, creating shim packs for all the inspected and measured components. Avionics discrepancies are being diagnosed and addressed. Polish has started on the wings to continue onto the rest of the aircraft.

engine inspections, discrepancy maintenance and wing pull inspections continue. – February, 2023

With the aircraft moved into its temporary stall, engine inspections have begun along with routine inspections of systems components. A discrepancy list is populating with repairs and maintenance items being addressed. With the wings off and inspections completed, the center section receives the same procedures to ensure the fitment and tolerance of the wings.

Wing Attach cleaning and inspection, various maintenance items in work. – february, 2023

Wing attach angles on the wings and center section have been thoroughly cleaned. An inspection of all the bolt holes has been completed on the wing attach angles. The precise inspection and measurement at the attach angles per the Douglas specification has begun. After the receiving inspection of the aircraft, a few maintenance items have gone into work including a leaking hydraulic compensator on the R/H main landing gear.

Wing Pull. – February, 2023

R/H wing removed from aircraft without a hitch. Attach angle inspections to proceed on both right and left wings.

wING pULL – fEBRUARY, 2023

L/H wing has been pulled and ready to start the inspection. R/H wing is prepped and ready to be removed from the aircraft.

Wing pull. – february, 2023

Technical and structures teams have joined forces to get the wing pull underway. All preparations have been made and hardware/components are being removed before wings are pulled.

updated galley, avionics upgrade

Left Hand Galley – 4/14/2021

Right Hand Galley – 4/14/2021

Electrical – 4/14/2021

GAlley Cabinetry – 4/8/2021

Wash lights and electrical – 4/8/2021

Thermos solution – 4/1/2021


DRINKWEAR – 4/1/2021

LED and Electrical – 4/1/2021

Left-hand galley modifications – 3/25/2021

Right-HAnd Galley Modification – 3/25/2021

Galley Electrical – 3/25/2021

LED Wash light replacement – 3/25/2021

High-Pressure Laminate Removal – 3/2/2021

Avionics Bay Reorganization – 3/2/2021

Avionics upgrade – 1/27/2021

Polish Progress – 1/28/2021

Avionics upgrade – 1/14/2021

Avionics upgrade – 1/6/2021

polish PROGRESS – 1/6/2021

Avionics Installation – 12/22/2020

Polish – 12/22/2020

INSTRUMENT Panel – 12/9/2020

polish 12/9/2020

avionics installation 12/2/2020

Corrective Actions and Polish 12/2/2020

Avionics Installation – 11/12/2020

Inspection / Corrective Actions – 11/12/2020

Avionics Installation – 11/4/2020

Inspections – 11/4/2020

Avionics Upgrade – 10/28/2020

Inspection Cycle – 10/28/2020