WASP Stage 2

Flight Deck Interior

Wing Installation

Boot Installation

Instrument PAnels

Electrical ITems

Other Interior Items

AC Exhuast Panel

Passenger Cabin Carpet

The Carpet has arrived – 3/2/2021

Air Conditioning Installation – 3/2/2021

Window Frame Mocup – 3/2/2021

Wasp Interior Assembly – 1/7/2021

Interior – 12/22/2020

Air Conditioning – 12/22/2020

Interior progress – 12/9/2020

Air Conditioning Installation – 12/9/2020

Interior Progress – 12/2/2020

Air Conditioning – 12/2/2020

Interior Progress – 11/22/2020

AC Progress – 11/12/2020

Interior Progress – 11/4/2020

LAvatory Interior – 10/28/2020

PAssenger Cabin Interior – 10/28/2020

Divan Material Treated and Untreated 10/5/2020

Divan Material Treated (underneath) and Untreated (on top)

Passenger Cabin Test Fit for Carpet ALIGNMENT 10/5/2020

Lavatory Progress 10/5/2020

Air Conditioning installation 10/5/2020

Seat ASSEMBLY 9/9/2020

Duct fabrication and Vents 9/9/2020

Lavatory Installation 9/9/2020

Headliner Detail 8/26/2020

Passenger Cabin Interior 8/26/2020

PAssenger Cabin Electrical 8/26/2020

Air CONDITIONING Installation 8/19/2020

Passenger Cabin Interior 8/19/2020

Passenger Cabin Electrical 8/12/2020

passenger cabin interior closeout panels 8/12/2020

Passenger Cabin Electrical System 8/12/2020

Air Conditioning STC AND INSTALLATION 8/12/2020

AC Duct Construction 8/5/2020

PAX Cabin Electrical 8/5/2020

PAX Interior Completion 8/5/2020

PAX Cabin Panel Proposal – 11/27/19

Closeout panel and Duct placement proposal. The strips in the headliner will be the same leather as the seat bodies, reminiscent of the original headliner installation seen in the black and white photos provided.

Interior Test Fitment – 11/20/19

Air Conditioning Duct Test Fitment – 11/06/19

Crew Seats Finished – 10/01/19

Crew Seat Upholstery – 9/25/19

Work continues on interiors, awaits next steps.

Ships Electrical – 9/12/19

Installing new electrical system and completing modification of Electrical Distribution Box.

De Ice Installation – 8/28/19

Test fitting cap strips. Installing carburetor, propeller, and windshield alcohol system.

Paint Stripping Flight Deck Seats And Toilet MockUp – 8/20/19

We’ve began stripping the old paint off of the captains chairs in preparation for the fresh paint coming soon.

Air Conditioning System Planning – 8/14/19

Two Aerometal crew members and an FAA designated Engineer discuss air conditioning system architecture.

Ships Electrical Distribution Box – 8/14/19

Modifications and patch work in progress on the Ships Electrical Distribution box. The box is being lengthened.

Cabin Interior Completion – Fitting Sidewalls and Headliner to Cabinetry

Cabinets installed for fitment test, tables being fitted. Upholstery of executive seat arms, backs, and bases is now complete.

Upholstering flight deck seats to match cabin seats. – 8/5/19

Ships Electrical System Overhaul

Working towards inspection and overhaul of the planes electrical systems. Ensuring everything is recorded and within spec. in preparation of installing new wiring. 8/5/19

Cabin Interior Completion

Recovering Cabin Seating 7/30/19