WASP Stage 2

final completion – may 2022

Engine runs and operational checks of the de-ice boots were performed. Fast taxi tests have been completed.

Final completion – may 2022

The final charging and testing of the AC system has been completed.


The area around the vertical stabilizer de-ice boot has been repainted. Final touch up polish is in work. The air stair door has been installed with chain covers. All seats have been installed with the USBs wired. A replacement airworthiness certificate has been issued, correcting the category to Aeronautical Bulletin Amendment 7a.


The update images provided here show the finishing touches to the final assembly of the restored aircraft. The de-ice boots are completely installed and the team are adding finishing touches to the hardware and “cap strips”. The main cabin door has been fully restored and is now installed. The “door chains” have been wrapped and stitched by hand in black leather. The flight deck has been fully assembled at this time – all systems have been operationally checked and the aircraft is ready for flight. The principal elements of the cabin interior (seats, couches and credenzas) have not been installed at this time. We are scheduled to accomplish FAA flight testing of the Air Conditioning system next month and we have decided to leave the cabin “bare” to prevent the possibility of wear and tear during the numerous test flights that we expect to accomplish.
The WASP is essentially complete and awaits only an administrative process prior to delivery.

clock and gi275 details – february 3, 2022

Completed Flight Deck – February 2, 2022

Complete Flight Deck

Cabin Control Panel – February 2, 2022

Lavatory – February 2, 2022

Flight Controls and Boots Installed – February 2, 2022

Exterior Lighting – February 2, 2022

Landing Lights Steady and Wig Wag
Tail Nav Light and Strobe
Right Wing Nav Light and Strobe
Left Wing Nav Light and Strobe
Belly and Tail Beacon

waking up the eninges and avionics calibration – january 12, 2022

Left Hand Engine Start
Right Hand Engine Start
Preparing for Engine Tet Runs and Avionics Calibration

Leveling Aircraft for Avionics Calibration – 12/1/2021

Passenger Seat Test Fit Installation – 12/1/2021

Passenger Cabin Interior – 11/23/2021

Air Conditioning Installation – 11/23/2021

Avionics and Electrical – 11/23/2021

Flight Deck Interior – 10/28/2021

Wing Installation – 10/28/2021

Boot Installation – 10/28/2021

Instrument PAnels – 10/28/2021

Electrical ITems – 10/28/2021

Other Interior Items – 10/28/2021

AC Exhuast Panel – 10/28/2021

Passenger Cabin Carpet – 10/28/2021

The Carpet has arrived – 3/2/2021

Air Conditioning Installation – 3/2/2021

Window Frame Mocup – 3/2/2021

Wasp Interior Assembly – 1/7/2021

Interior – 12/22/2020

Air Conditioning – 12/22/2020

Interior progress – 12/9/2020

Air Conditioning Installation – 12/9/2020

Interior Progress – 12/2/2020

Air Conditioning – 12/2/2020

Interior Progress – 11/22/2020

AC Progress – 11/12/2020

Interior Progress – 11/4/2020

LAvatory Interior – 10/28/2020

PAssenger Cabin Interior – 10/28/2020

Divan Material Treated and Untreated 10/5/2020

Divan Material Treated (underneath) and Untreated (on top)

Passenger Cabin Test Fit for Carpet ALIGNMENT 10/5/2020

Lavatory Progress 10/5/2020

Air Conditioning installation 10/5/2020

Seat ASSEMBLY 9/9/2020

Duct fabrication and Vents 9/9/2020

Lavatory Installation 9/9/2020

Headliner Detail 8/26/2020

Passenger Cabin Interior 8/26/2020

PAssenger Cabin Electrical 8/26/2020

Air CONDITIONING Installation 8/19/2020

Passenger Cabin Interior 8/19/2020

Passenger Cabin Electrical 8/12/2020

passenger cabin interior closeout panels 8/12/2020

Passenger Cabin Electrical System 8/12/2020

Air Conditioning STC AND INSTALLATION 8/12/2020

AC Duct Construction 8/5/2020

PAX Cabin Electrical 8/5/2020

PAX Interior Completion 8/5/2020