DC-3C NC33611

Price: $1,300,000 USD

“CLIPPER TABITHA MAE” – S/N:34378 – 1945

A truly airworthy and beautifully appointed passenger DC-3. N33611 had been maintained and operated under a 14 CFR part 135 “10 or more” Air Carrier operating certificate for many years. Her condition, maintenance history and records are exceptional. The current custodian has elevated her specification to the highest levels and transformed her fit and finish (inside and out.) She ranks as one of the finest examples of her type flying today.


    • Total airframe time:  17,893 (SID inspections don’t apply.)
    • Engine #1 total time since Major: 146
    • Engine #2 total time since Major  916*
    • Prop #1 total time since Major: 21  (JUL’16)
    • Prop #1 total time since corrosion inspection 21 (JUL’16)
    • Prop #2 total time since Major 21 (JUL;16)
    • Prop #2 total time since last corrosion inspection 21 (JUL’16)
    • Time since last wing pull – AD inspection: DATA PENDING
    • Current cabin seating configuration (number of seats): 2 crew seats, 1 collapsible cockpit jumpseat (with headset hookup) 19 cabin seats and a flight attendant seat located by the main cabin door.  (NOTE: 19 seats are actually 10×2 seat sets with one seat placarded inop for FAA compliance.  We are in possession of enough spare seats to return cabin configuration to 28 seats total if desired.)
    • Operating Category:  Aircraft is operated under Part 91 with a 125 deviation.  When purchased she was under Part 125 and we engaged in a detailed reweigh of the airplane in order to satisfy FSDO of the regulatory change.  All compliance computations are retained with the aircraft records.
    • Do you have FAA approved data for the installation of the current seating configuration (like a field approval on a properly executed form 337 from “back in the day”?)  We are in possession of all engineering and supporting documentation for everything installed onboard the aircraft, including seating configurations.**
    • Is she currently inspected / maintained in accordance with an approved program? OEIP or similar?  We hold an AIP that breaks the entire inspection cycle into a 2 year complete program, broken into 150hr Phase inspections.  We do not operate enough to exceed the phase times, so we have made a habit of conducting Phases A & B in even years and C &D in odd years.
    • Are her De-Ice boots operational: Wing/Vertical deice boots are operational and in excellent condition.  Horizontal stab boots were removed last year due to poor condition.  All strapping and hardware was retained for future reinstallation if desired.  Plumbing remains intact and operational.
    • She is -75 or -94 powered – do you have a CAA or FAA approved flight manual for this S/N aircraft to support 26,900 lbs operation with passengers and 1350 HP at T/O:  She is -94 powered and we have the original s/n specific flight manual to support operation at 26,900lbs.
    • Is she operated at 26,900 lbs Gross weight: Yes.
    • If -94 powered, are her 2 speed blowers operational: They are not operational.

Additional Notes:

*The right engine suffered a bearing failure immediately after we purchased the airplane.  We had already planned to have the left engine overhauled, so we had the right engine repaired instead of having it overhauled because this would conveniently separate the time since overhaul of both engines, thus averaging out their cost of ownership.

As both engines were removed from the airplane simultaneously, we took this opportunity to overhaul all components firewall forward, including all soft items such as hoses, most wiring harnesses, fire suppression systems, fuel tanks, and rebuilt the hydraulic tank/distribution manifolds to eliminate residual leaking.

During the rebuild we also installed LED wingtip nav/strobes and LED landing lights.

** This DC-3 was the last DC-3 to be operated on a Part 121 air carrier certificate in the United States.  During her refit for airline service, the airline was required to provide parts traceability and engineering justification for every aspect of the airplane, resulting in a nearly complete rebuild of the aircraft and it’s systems.  All paperwork is present to support every aspect of the aircraft’s equipment from galley and cabin accommodations to lavatory and external servicing to seating arrangements and many additional safety features that were added to the airplane in order to meet the strict requirements of Part 121 service.

Avionics: The airplane is equipped with Garmin Traffic, as well as ADSb in/out traffic and weather services.  She has a GTN 750 navigator providing output to the left side HSI.  Dual remote transponders (we live in the DC SFRA so dual transponders is a must for security.)  She has fire detection in both accessory sections as well as both wheel wells.  Suppression is to the accessory sections only.

  • Maintenance support inventory and ground support equipment included.
  • Viewing by appointment only.
  • Permission for a Pe-purchase inspection will be granted after refundable deposit of $12,000 is received.

Please contact Paul Bazeley at Aerometal International Inc. 661 717 6639.





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