Price: US$950,000

Offering this unique example of Consolidateds most famous flying boat. This example has been undergoing a truly remarkable structural and technical restoration for more than a decade. The current owner admits that it’s time to see the project transferred to a new owner for the completion of work. The work accomplished must surely rank as THE most comprehensive structural restoration undertaken on any example of this type to date.

She was converted for corporate use post war and a passenger interior installed (under a standard category C of A) with seating for 17. The arrangement includes dual couches in the aft cabin, one aligned with each of the observation blisters.

Originally built in Consolidateds San Diego factory for the Canadian armed forces as a Canso in November of 1941 (one of the oldest examples of the type.) She survives today as the lowest time example of the type flying! She has never seen service as a fire bomber or a freighter. She has been employed in the corporate role since her civilianization in 1946.

She was famously flown for a period of time by the late Dr. Bird as his “innovator” – having been modified to incorporate an additional pair of GO-480 engines outboard of each of the original radial engines. ALL of the Bird Innovator modifications have now been removed as part of the current work scope. The aircraft was originally converted for corporate use by “Landseair.” Landseair incorporated a number of useful changes and additions via their STC – all of which have been retained. One such feature being the ability to mount a pair of “auxiliary” boats or tenders, one under each wing!

We are thrilled to offer this unique project for sale at this time (and in this configuration, with arguably all the hard work accomplished) The aircraft can really be considered a “blank canvas” and any prospective buyer can expect to launch immediately into the completion stage of the project.

Work of this scope and quality (on this kind of scale) is difficult or impossible to plan and prepare for. The truly comprehensive structural restoration accomplished must surely make this a unique opportunity.

Whether your dream is to take a large flying boat around the world or simply to win “best-in-show” – this is an opportunity to make these goals attainable and tangible.

The aircraft is offered for sale in Aurora, Oregon. Our home base field – with the restoration facilities of Aerometal International less than a mile South along the Alpha taxiway at KUAO.

Contact Paul Bazeley 661-717-6639 or Paul@FlyAerometal.com

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